Fluoride and Children

Fluoride is a natural element added to the water supply in many areas because of its benefit to teeth for people of all ages.

Unfortunately until recently, there was no fluoride in the supply to Ballarat and surrounding districts, and for this reason we have one of the highest levels of childhood decay in the state. With the recent introduction of fluoride into the Ballarat water supply we should see a reduction in these levels.

Either children’s toothpaste or family toothpaste are fine for young children in Ballarat, but you may need to get a child formulation if your child doesn’t like mint. If you choose a children’s paste it will be a low fluoride formulation. Whether or not your child needs a fluoride supplement depends on many factors and this should be discussed with your dentist. Children do not spit well and swallow most of the toothpaste used to brush their teeth. They should only be given an amount of paste the size of a dried pea and smeared across the bristles of their brush. Children should not be allowed to eat toothpaste; it is fine in small amounts but not in great quantity, and so it should be stored out of reach.