Regular dental check-ups are the cornerstone of a lasting and beautiful smile. They help in diagnosing problems at an early stage, providing preventative treatment, and identifying and explaining risk factors for disease.

At Dr Virginia Williams’s Dental Practice, we recommend a 6-monthly interval between check-ups, which has been shown to be the most effective at combatting and preventing any problems.

What can I expect?

Our dentists will enquire as to whether you have any concerns about your smile. We will then first conduct a visual assessment of your gums, teeth and other oral tissues. In addition, we will advise you if any dental x-rays will be required for further assessment, as some areas of the mouth are impossible to see with the naked eye. This will generally provide us with all the information required to inform you about the health of your smile.

It is also common to require a scale and clean at this appointment, removing the tartar that has built up over the preceding months.

For Children

Your children’s teeth are just as important as their adult counterparts. Undetected problems can cause pain and infection, and can even permanently affect the appearance and bite of your child as they grow up.

Dental check-ups can begin as early as two years of age, where it is useful to introduce them to the dental team and our equipment. Children who attend the dentist from an early age are much more likely to develop a good relationship with us and often have more responsibility for their teeth. We can also provide preventative treatment to assist your child in their homecare.

The needs of your child often change as they grow from children to teenagers and then to young adults, and we can help advise and help with any needs along the way.