There is more to a simple ‘filling’ than it may seem. Fillings, or restorations, come in a variety of shapes and sizes as varied as the teeth themselves. While restorations are usually required due to dental decay, damage to the teeth can be from a number of sources, such as trauma, grinding and anomalies in the tooth.

All the dentists at Dr. Virginia Williams’s Dental Practice understand that there one solution does not fit every job. We use the latest techniques and choose from a variety of quality materials for the best long term outcome even in the most basic restorations.

Sometimes, teeth require more work than a simple restoration, and we can provide other types of restorations depending on the specific need. You may require crown, inlays and onlays, or even veneers for the most optimal outcome.

At Dr. Virginia Willliams’s Dental Practice, we will be able to advise you on any alternative needs. You can make an appointment on (03) 5331 9285.