Bleeding Gums

In general, healthy gums don’t bleed!

If your gums bleed when you bite on an apple, or when you clean your teeth, you might think you are just brushing or flossing too hard but there is more to it than that.

Gingivits, which is superficial inflammation in the gums can cause bleeding and normally responds well to a scale and clean and the introduction of well oriented brushing and flossing.

Sometimes, little brushes make cleaning between the teeth easier than flossing! If left untreated, this superficial problem may become deeper, involving the bone that holds the tooth in place and the tooth may become mobile. This condition is called Periodontitis and needs special attention and deeper cleaning by a dentist to bring the gums back to being healthy again.

If you are concerned about the condition of your gums, call (03) 5331 9285 today and let us know you are worried about your gums. We can make an appointment for you to have them assessed by one of our experienced dentists. If necessary, we can clean and polish your teeth and also give you the right advice and instructions on how to clean your teeth in a simple way that suits your needs. We also provide the more advanced forms of treatment for gum conditions that are beyond the superficial level.