Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a procedure sometimes required when the tooth nerve (or dental pulp) becomes infected and inflamed. This infection can sometimes spread to the surrounding areas, resulting in a dental abscess. In the past, these teeth would need to be extracted, but root canal treatment can help save these teeth.

By removing all the damaged tissue, root canal treatment can prevent the need for extraction and help prevent or reverse any infection in the area.

The most common reason for root canal treatment is from decay or trauma. As a result, painful toothache can develop from the inflammation of the tooth nerve. Root canal treatment can also help provide significant relief when this happens.

What can I expect?

Root canal treatment often has three stages:

  • 1st stage: initial treatment, to provide pain relief
  • 2nd stage: removal of all damaged and infected tooth tissue in the root canal
  • 3rd stage: filling of the root canal to prevent further infection

This can take from 2-3 appointments depending on the complexity of the root canal. Teeth that have been root canal treated can sometimes feel different afterwards, having a slight woody sensation on tapping. This is normal and related to the lack of nerve fibres inside the tooth.

Once completed, the tooth will require a filling to protect the delicate work. Occasionally this may require crown and/or bridge work to help strengthen the tooth.

It is important to recognize that tooth infections cannot be treated with antibiotics alone. The dental nerve is surrounded by extremely hard enamel, which means that it is impossible for antibiotics to reach the infection in the nerve. The root canal procedure is the only reliable way of removing all infection in the tooth.

While the root canal procedure has become synonymous with discomfort, all the dentists at Dr Virginia Williams’s Dental Practice are committed to and trained to provide a painless and relaxed experience. Often, the only discomfort is trying not to nod off during the procedure!

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