Orthodontics refers to the movement of teeth to create an aesthetic and functional bite. Treatment commonly utilizes ‘braces’ to hold tightly to teeth and create a slow shift in the position of your teeth.

What is not commonly known is that orthodontics is not restricted to children and young adults. Tooth movement can reliably happen in adults of any age, and can be more predictable as there is no longer any growth alter the plans. In fact, sometimes a short period of orthodontics is all that is needed to create an aesthetic, pleasing and lasting smile. In other circumstances, it can be an extremely useful when trying to alter crooked or damaged teeth so that crowns or veneers fit better.

At Dr Williams’s Dental Practice, we can provide basic orthodontic solutions in conjunction with cosmetic adjustments to create a beautiful looking smile. Where a need for complex orthodontic treatment is required, we will be able to provide referrals and alternate plans. For any further enquiries or to make an appointment, please contact us on (03) 5331 9285.

Smilefast is a revolutionary new cosmetic orthodontic treatment for adults designed to give a significantly improved smile in 6-9 months.

No need to hide your smile whilst wearing braces as Smilefast usesclear brackets and white wires designed to suit your lifestyle, so you can have a confident and affordable smile-fast!

To find out more please contact us on (03) 5331 9285 to arrange an appointment or read more here.